I live in Los Angeles and haven’t been to Santa Monica Pier in years.

Exotic travel destinations have always appealed more to my eyes than my sense of adventure. Of course, I’d love more than anything to spend a week somewhere in the Caribbean, at one of those amazing Sandals Resorts.

But now, after living through 2020 and this unbelievable global pandemic, I’ll be quite content to travel somewhere a little closer to my own backyard. My first travel destination this year, will be from my Los Angeles home, to the Santa Monica pier, a whopping 16 miles away!

Be productive and creative and stop bothering trying to find yourself.

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Today, I located my abandoned charmdbaker Medium profile, in an effort to look it over and determine what to do with it. When I abruptly stopped writing, I inadvertently left 68 loyal followers behind. Today is my attempt to get them back, now that I’ve been able to login to my inactive account.

My mission is to reinvent or recreate myself, so to speak, but it’s not about trying to find myself. Been there, done that. I’d much rather be productive and creative and stop bothering with trying to find myself, based on who I was. …

EDITORIAL: Am I waiting around in vain?

As I sit staring out my bedroom window, I can’t believe or begin to understand what I see every single day. People, in cars and buses, on foot, on bikes, skateboards and even wheel chairs; all traveling and roaming up and down the streets, just as if there were no such thing as COVID-19.

I live on the corner of a very busy intersection and I have a perfect view from a third-story window. The bustling scene below me hasn’t changed one bit since the pandemic began, and it makes me curious. …

Setting new career goals was not on my original agenda.

Last year at this time, my writing goals and career objectives were all centered around self-publishing activities. My focus was on trying to further my ambitions as a novelist.

I even released a new novella, and unveiled a new Pen Name. But now, those plans are no longer part of my new sense of normal. What about you? Are your former goals and aspirations the same (now that we all have some type of new normal)?

Remembering Childhood Goals

Do you remember any of your earlier or childhood goals? …

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FIRST: Decide what you plan to write, based on the category topics we provide. Follow the rules mentioned below, regarding content, and create your story.

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Deciding on a Topic

Are you making New Year’s resolutions, or are you setting attainable goals?

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If you’re serious about letting 2020 be the year you reach your goals, you should start by making sure you’re setting realistic and reachable goals for yourself, and not merely making resolutions.

With 2019 finally out of the way, and a brand New Year on the horizon, everyone is busy making some type of resolutions and vows to commit to something or another. Personally, I plan to revisit some of my own Medium stories, and remember to take some of my own good advice.

Planning and Productivity

In case you’re a new Medium reader, or you simply haven’t had an opportunity to check…

Learn how to read more books in 2020 and venture out of your comfort zone.

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In order to make time to read books on a more routine basis in 2020, writers and authors will need to set a very specific, and definitive goal.

That means writing it down, posting it somewhere, and keeping your objective firmly embedded in your head. Even though reading more books will be enjoyable and benefit you as a writer, it is still a serious commitment.

Whatever you do, don’t view this as one of those New Year’s resolutions that you make now, and give up on by February.

Writers Must Read

Regardless of the kind of writer you might be, the reality is…

A new fantasy novella BOOK EXCERPT

Photo by Aleks Dahlberg on Unsplash

Writer Charm Baker recently debuted the pen name for the brand new Fantasy Author: Beka R. March [“Tell Us the Mermaid Story”]

There was no one around on the dock, where several different boats were lined up. Queenie got in the canoe that she sometimes came and sat in, even though she never took it out on the water.

This time, she untied it before she sat down, then she picked up the paddle and said a prayer before taking the boat out, almost to the middle of the lake.

“Oh Lord, you know I can’t swim, and I’m scared…

Charmd Baker

Hello — I’m an L.A. based writer and self-published author. I enjoy sharing stories, articles, and personal experiences, many of them writing-related.

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